Eye eye, what's this?!

Today I'm sharing one of my art journals pages with you. Art journaling is quite new to me, I've only been doing it about 10 months. I got into it as I love the way I can be completely free to do whatever I want in my journal, whereas with making cards, I always make what I think the recipient will like.

This journal page was inspired by a sample from Visible Image, who are the makers of the stencil. I love how they'd used a rainbow of colours - that's very me!

I started by using Distress Oxides to make the coloured background. I've used 3 colours and blended them together with sponges. Distress Oxides blend so beautifully, they are my go-to inks!

For the stenciling of the eye, I wanted the image to be raised off the page, and I wanted it in black which presented a bit of a problem - texture paste is always white or clear! I used Imagination Crafts Structure Paste and mixed in some black acrylic paint to give me black texture paste! I added the paint in bit by bit to ensure I got a good dark shade but still had the right consistency of the paste.

I apply my pastes with very cheapy plastic spatulas - I do have some expensive ones but the plastic ones work just as well and I can bin them once they get too mucky!

The paste I've used took about an hour to dry. Once it had dried I used white acrylic paint to colour the whole inner sections of the eye - I used two or three layers to get a bright white. I then coloured the iris with pens in the same colours as the background.

The background was looking a bit bare so I used a circle stencil and used contrasting colours over the Oxides. To finish, I grabbed a Bee Crafty edge stamp to go all around the page. I absolutely love the bright colours on this page - so often my art journal pages reflect how I'm feeling at that time so you can definitely tell I was super happy when I made this!

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